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Ages:   6 Weeks - 4 Years old

Hours:   7:30am - 5:00pm

Availability: Openings are limited as with most desirable locations. One Infant Opening  coming soon email us for details. Please keep in contact with us periodically for availability as changes do happen relatively fast. We highly recommend initiating the research process early to avoid any future wait lists.


Palmetto Play Care is a licensed small group child care home. We approach each child as an individual with their own talents and one-of-a-kind needs. Our intention is to help every child meet the learning benchmarks for their age group, using the following:


  • Bilingual English-Spanish Program in Bowie/Mitchellville, MD
  • One-on-One lessons
  • Nursery Preschool Ages Only
  • Learning through Play

Learning through Play

Lifting Minds & Hearts

Kind words from satisfied customers over the years

Thoroughly impressed with Palmetto Play Care...
Thank you for our follow up meeting.  It was clearly evident the love, care and concern you share for the children that have been entrusted in your care.  With that being said, we have decided to halt our search efforts and wait patiently on your Wait List for the next available opening for Mason to become a part of the "Palmetto Play Team".  (The Smith Family)

Ms. Sherri and Ms. Yvette you are my stress relievers...  
I worry about a lot of things, but Diesel is not one of them.  He is maturing more and more each day, talking his little head off and I know that is because he gets lots of attention, care and love from two very beautiful women, on the inside and out, on a daily basis.  I thank God for you both every day and brag on you to all my friends and co-workers.  Diesel is growing into a really big boy and you two have so much to do with that growth.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love ya!  (Ericca)

My reasons for wanting to bring new Baby Janie to Palmetto Play Care...
I want her to have all of the love, care, affection and attention that Danny has received from you over the past years and is still receiving at the current time and I am sure he will receive once he is no longer in your care.  I truly appreciate everything that you do with Danny and the progress that he is making. Believe me, I have visited many other daycare centers (home and large) over the summer and I know that what the two of you offer is one of a kind service.  (Woodstream Academy Teacher)

It is very apparent that your curriculum is helping DJ's development...
DJ did great at his doctor's visit. His gross motor skills are exceptional. We spent the whole time trying to keep his bottom on the table. He kept wiggling and pushing around. For the first time, I saw him roll from his back to stomach. I almost cried. I am so happy DJ is developing so well and I know much of his progress has come from being with you both at your day care.  (M.M. - Curriculum Specialist)

Peace of Mind, Thanks to you...
Words cannot express how much Brianna has enjoyed coming to PPC.  It's such a great feeling to be able to leave your baby (now child) in someone's care and not have to worry about their well-being.  You have always treated her as if she were your own and I truly appreciate it.  Thank you for everything that you did to help make Brianna who she is today! (Pam & Corey)

So excited to find a place like yours that teaches Spanish... 
As a new single Mom and after 10 months of research I am overjoyed to have found two wonderful providers.  I was truly blown away by PPC's 3:1 ratio.  In researching childcare centers, clearly your daycare is the perfect solution for me.  So excited to find a place like yours that teaches Spanish to the children.  I believe Spanish as a second language would be immensely beneficial.  So happy to have found you.  (M. Gomez)

You two hold a very special place in my heart...
Just because you both make me laugh on so many days when I think that I can't, you are always so very kind and loving to me and my son. To top that off, you love and care for my precious little boy in spectacular fashion.  He gets spoiled with you and all of the love, care, teaching and good food that you provide each and every day.  He adores both of you and for me that means everything. Thank you for the peace of mind. (Paige)




Bilingual Program

PPC is here to provide you quality and dependable child care in a safe environment for your child. Our vision is to facilitate the children in our care with the opportunity to learn in a family-like setting where they can feel safe and secure as we give them the beginnings of building a positive self image.

Our goal is to create a warm, nurturing, and secure haven where students feel safe enough to ask questions, explore and seek answers. PPC is particularly proud of its diversity and takes every opportunity to celebrate those characteristics that make us different. We welcome all who come through our door.