Welcome to PPC

At Palmetto Play Care we understand how vital the role of a provider, caregiver, and teacher is to children and parents.  Studies show the first three to four years in a child's life are the most influential & delicate developmental phases of their lives.  This is the very reason why a quality licensed child care program is the only choice, while keeping your child's best interests at heart as you part from them daily.

Peace of mind is when a working parent undoubtedly knows their child is in a safe, consistent, friendly, and nurturing environment.  This is why millions of parents choose to leave their children in child care facility such as ours rather than larger group classes.

Our mission over the years has been simple, we hope and pray one day the children remember they will always have a place in our hearts.  Although we are not their parents, we watch them grow and play often times from infancy.  Many become like members of our own family.  A part of this tremendous responsibility entrusted in us is to cuddle, sing and read to them, assisting every child with each new accomplishment as we attempt to see the world through their eyes.       

We listen with concern to all the overwhelming emotions that result from the process of adapting socially. They come to us for comfort when they hurt so we can kiss their tears away. Each day the children reach aimlessly to please. We inspire them to learn, be kind & be respectful to others. Palmetto Play Care's primary focus is to stimulate positive cognitive and social development. As teachers we can never take the place of their parents, nevertheless, we nurture them and keep them safe. We know the day will come for them to move on in their journey.

Thank you for considering PPC for your child care services. We recognize this is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your child's lifetime and there are certainly many places for you to choose from. We encourage you to set an appointment time, come visit with us & see the value for yourself. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.